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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. 18. January 2011. Proto Resources & Investments Ltd. (TSX: A0LBT8, ASX: PRW) (short ‘Proto Resources’ THE COMPANY’ or) announces that backwash bores are currently being carried out on demBarnes Hill project in the Australian state of Tasmania. With the holes is the collection of bulk samples extracted ore is abgeschlossen.Das represents the beginning of February in the pilot plant, which optimized recovery loop handles.

The results of the analysis of soil samples and crude arnes-Hill Extension real estate has been received from the laboratory. Dieersten results of soil samples show a matching copper-lead-zinc anomaly, are now of the other samples in the narrow pitch winner.


– Backwash bores are currently on the Barnes Hill project carried out, the complete program for the production of bulk samples fürmetallurgische tests.

– The pilot plant, which is an optimized production cycle has elapsed, wins the crude nickel laterite ore to finished products is put into operation in early February.

– The first results of the samples are from the Barnes Hill West undBarnes Hill project arrived from the lab.

– The soil samples from the Barnes Hill Extension real estate a matching copper-lead-zinc anomaly have identified nunweitere of the samples in a narrow grid can be obtained.

Boreholes for the extraction of bulk samples

The Directors of Proto Resources & Investments Ltd. announce thatthe Backwash drilling on the Barnes Hill nickel project in Tasmania is almost finished. The holes serve to further nickel ore fürPilot win-leaching tests. The holes in the southern Bereichder mine are now complete and the drill is now the northern part of the open pit mine done (see Figure 1).

The acid-and water-recycling and iron and magnesium vonProto technology is progressing, with additional electricity cost savings opportunities were identified. The ersteErz for the pilot plant has already been sent to the laboratory. Ca. 2.5 tons have arrived and are processed to create a representative sample for the leaching process in the pilot plant. The pilot plant forthe Barnes Hill ore is early February, the whole operation taking them. This will be the last test before the completion of all feasibility and viability study (Feasibility Study) unddetaillierten planning, seinwird scheduled in mid-year complete.

Positive results have the acceleration of this work ermöglicht.Insbesondere the purchase of the nickel system with a low pH value of metal finance by Rio Tinto (this use is the same front-end system, the protocol on Barnes Hill) is added security for WITH STATEMENTS the feasibility and planning work is given. A subsidiary vonRio Tinto Metals Finance, together with a nickel system with geringempH value at the Palabora mine in South Africa operated two and a half long years before they bought it directly. Proto is delighted at this confirmation of the commercial nickel processing technology that aufBarnes Hill will be used. This front-end system completes these preparations innovative back-end technology, which reduces the iron and magnesium processed and the required amount of chemicals significantly.

The back-end technology suits the front-end with its high recovery rates and creating a truly integrated iron sulphate undMagnesium-processing solution. The technology is protected as intellectual property pursuant to an international patent on 29 Juli2010 was granted. The innovative nature of the technology is supported by funding from the Government of Australia. The back-Endproduziert salable iron and magnesium products. The zurWirtschaftlichkeit helps the project. Without this technology would have to be dieseSulphat-products to offset high costs and storage. These back-end technology has already reached the recycling of more als80% of the acid, with an optimized processing system soon alsPilotanlage production receives.

Proto is still related to the government to achieve the Meilensteineauf the way to the mining license in respect of the development proposal (Development Proposal). Mr Andrew Mortimer said: ‘The year 2011 promises to be an important year for prototypes to be, 2010 nachdemin the milestones in terms of degradable JORC reserves and resources have been achieved. We will soon be several other important steps have been doing on our way to the mining of Barnes Hill. ”

First results of soil samples to identify anomalies

The Company also announced that the results of the first 145Bodenproben obtained in December 2010 and crude arnes-Hill Extension real estate in Tasmania, have arrived. The Barnes-Hill Extension Property is a vonvier separate properties that are in the range of projects Barnes Hill Barnes West and Hill explores geochemically (see Figure 2). It usthe results of 145 samples from a total of 551 samples that were sent to ALSLaboratory Group of the four areas. The Bodenprobenerkundet for nickel, gold and base metal deposits (zinc, lead, copper).

The Barnes-Hill extension property is located on the borders between the main project of Proto Barnes Hill nickel-cobalt project aufEL17/2006 and the Barnes-Hill-West Project at ExplorationslizenzEL53/2008.

The soil samples from the Barnes Hill Extension real estate have identified a matching copper-lead-zinc anomaly with a inNord-west extending mineralization, which was identified by per flight recorded magnetic data matches (see Figures 3 & 4). The Erdanomalie stands out undlieferte peak values for zinc of 415 ppm for lead of 198 ppm and 137 ppm fürKupfer, although the density of the samples only in the moving average range. The matching lead and zinc anomaly extends over 4 lines, in which soil samples were taken and a Längevon 1.4 km at a definition for greater than 50 ppm of lead and 100 ppm of zinc greater. The copper anomaly is spread over two lines and 400 m length at a separation of 50 ppm copper. The anomaly occurs Nahed contact between the sedimentary rocks of the Proterozoic Badger Head block to the west and the Cambrian Andersons Creek Ultramafic Complex.

The samples were collected along lines oriented in seven east-west direction, the northern three lines 400 m apart and diesüdlichen four lines 200 m apart. Along the line, the soil samples at intervals of 50 m each won. Meantime’s Were soil samples from 13 additional lines in the narrow grid gained insights umweitere on the identified anomaly rough arnes-Hill Extension real estate gain. The results derAnalysen these samples are pending. The company will denErgebnissen with these other specimens the importance of this Erdanomalieabschätzen.

The analysis results of the remaining 406 soil samples obtained on denLiegenschaften Pandora, Kelly’sLookout and Anderson’s Creek, are expected in late January.

The company will continue to report on his exploration undEntwicklungsprojekte.

The information in this press release, insofar as it relates aufExplorationsergebnisse based on information compiled by HerrnAndrew Jones. He is a member of the ‘Australasian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy’ and a full-time employee of TasExGeological Services Pty Ltd. He has sufficient experience which relevantfür the particular type of mineralization under consideration and each case is betrachteteLagerstätte. He has sufficient experience which is relevant to dietary as he does, to be considered a qualified person under ‘2004 derRechtsvorschrift Edition of the ‘Australasian Code for Reporting ofExploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves.” HerrAndrew Jones consents to the inclusion of information in the Pressemitteilungin the form and context in which they appear.


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